Aldi Spicy Smoked Oysters in Chili Oil Review 

I am aware of that is slightly ridiculous that I come out of a year’s worth of silence to post a review on a dollar can of smoked oysters from Aldi-

These are actually pretty good and very spicy.
Also, we are still alive! Hope everyone is well.


Updates and Losing Weight To Gain Health

A quick hello- I’ve been out of commission all month for health reasons.

My sister has been staying with me while she undergoes radiation therapy for her nasopharyngeal cancer… then I suddenly started experiencing chest pains.

I ended up in the ER about 5 times (which, here in the USA, is a very expensive hobby). I’ve ALSO been having kidney infections, one after the other, since last August. I never had them before in my life prior to this…

One afternoon, while I was minding my own business, not thinking about anything in particular, I stood up- experienced the sharpest stabbing pain in the heart- and dropped to the floor. It was my Sanford and Son moment (yes, my age is showing). I thought I was a goner.

Long story short, I failed my stress test- and my nuclear stress test showed a tiny dead spot indicating permanent damage… which is probably from a previous heart attack. I also had an angiogram- which, inexplicably came back clear even though my CT Angio said I had a widowmaker blockage.

I am recovering now from the angio, but have yet ANOTHER kidney infection now. I will be going for a CT scan of my lower torso next week or so.

In short, I’m falling apart.

I’m back on the juicing, with my cardiologist’s blessing. Yoga hasn’t been done in over a month and will resume as soon as my groin incision heals (from the angio- they went through my femoral artery). My current exercise consists of chasing Maisie, gardening, and walking.

I am now at the lowest weight I’ve been since before pregnancy. I can fit my size 8 shorts I wore 3 yrs ago, and they are a bit loose. Losing weight is IMPERATIVE, not for vanity, but to be able to have a long and healthy life!

I am not that big by most American standards, but I AM too big FOR MY OWN HEALTH. This isn’t body shame- this is simply trying to SURVIVE.


Day 10 of my 30 Day (I hope) Juice Cleanse

I have been juice fasting/cleansing for 10 days now. Basically, I wanted to be able to be in top form for my sister, who is staying at my house while she gets cancer treatment.

She is also juicing, but she is eating as well.

I’ve lost about 12 lbs in 10 days- doing nothing but fresh juices and a gallon of water (additionally) a day.

I started out using a regular centrifugal juicer, but bought a slow masticating juicer this week to use. Masticating juicers don’t heat up the juices in the process of making them and keep the enzymes in.

Maisie LOVES drinking fresh green juices! So healthy and I am feeling great.

If you want to learn more, check out this site:


Day 4 #juice #juicing #juicefast #juicecleanse #reboot #rebootwithjoe detoxing hard last two days- serious headaches #headache

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Morning juice! Day 5 and 8 lbs gone! #juice #juicing #juicefast #juicecleanse #reboot #rebootwithjoe

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Greenish juice day 6- 9 lbs gone! #juicing #juicing #greenjuice #juicefast #juicecleanse #reboot #rebootwithjoe

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New #masticatingjuicer arrived! #omegajuicer #juicer #juice #juicing #juicefast #juicecleanse #reboot #rebootwithjoe

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First juice using new #omegajuicer spicy #gazpacho #juice #juicer #juicing #juicefast #juicecleanse #masticatingjuicer day 7

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(Pictorial) Log Cabin Dollhouse- Miniature Polymer Clay Norwegian Lefse Flat Bread, Sticks, and Griddle

We are doing a Norwegian (or Norwegian-American, IDK) themed dollhouse next.

Lefse griddle and lefse on the hearth of my new Norwegian Log Cabin dollhouse

#dollhouse #dollhousetour

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(Pictorial) Log Cabin Dollhouse- Miniature Polymer Clay Sausage Making!

Probably one of the easiest things to make.


(Pictorial) Log Cabin Dollhouse- Miniature Polymer Clay Bread & Cheese Making

I spent a couple of days playing baker and cheesemonger, with varying results.

Polymer clay food miniatures are so fun to make for a foodie who is currently on a 10 day juice cleanse.

I need to go back to bread and cheesemaking at some point, but I quit after a couple of days because I now have way too many loaves of bread and cheeses in my possession.

My first attempts at baguette loaves were made with sculpey clay and colored with turmeric and eye shadow/mineral makeup. My dad actually painted them for me. They came out a bit overbaked, but it was a great first attempt.

My second attempts (and subsequent ones) were better, I still need to refine my bread painting skills.

I also ended up making Norwegian lefse sticks and bread. Lefse is like a potato based flat bread, similar to a huge tortilla, that has it’s origins during the Viking age. In my house, we make it around Christmas time, because my ex is Norwegian. I will do a separate post on the lefse tomorrow…

My first attempt at a blue cheese ended up looking like spinach artichoke dipped stuffed into bread instead- yumm

I ended up making blue cheeses, brie, swiss, garlic gouda, and herb covered chevre. Cheese making is fun, I will eventually get back to it again.