We Designed and Sewed A New Llama Skirt!

This is ADORABLE! We sewed this thing from the cutest fabric and did not use a pattern.

I am going to do another with a gathered skirt and fitted waist next, because I have the fabric left. You can’t have too many llama skirts.

I paired it with Mini Boden shirt and footless tights:

I bought a mini dress dummy mannequin that I can now use to show her how to drape and sew clothes. It feels good to be designing and sewing again!

I’ve decided to just sew her skirts and things now- I can control the quality and fit better this way. I love clothing and furniture design.

FUN FACT: I used to do both, once, in another lifetime. I mostly did reproduction reenactment clothing entirely by hand- and I once was the designer of doggie furniture in Oslo before it became fashionable!


Happy Halloween from Miss Maisie

She was a colorful alicorn (unicorn with wings) for Halloween this year. She made a little video while getting ready.

I used about 5 cans of Colorista color spray on her hair. Took about 30 min to wash out later.

Here are some highlights from trick or treat:

Getting ready-  I was a Mommy Unicorn, she was the baby one.


Giving local Congressman Fred Upton major side eye. He didn’t even give her a pencil!!


She didn’t get a pencil. Maybe he could smell the Democrat or Libertarian on us.

More hijinks:



Really Fantastic Article on Life After Pulmonary Embolisms

having a particularly bad night: chest pains, shortness of breath, sweats, tachycardia.

Recovery from PEs is rough- and scary.

Luckily, tomorrow I see my new cardiologist about a holter monitor for the racing pulse.

This article helped me so much:



Today Maisie is 4- and earlier this week my dad was 76- What we’ve been working on for her bday (Instagram)


It’s a busy birthday week at my house- today Maisie turns 4! I don’t have any pics of her yet this morning, but wanted to update everyone on our projects (and my dad’s bday) this week.

Pic of Papa wearing Maisie’s hat 🙂 –

Maisie on my dad’s bday- she dressed as a ‘cowgirl ballerina’:

We build ultra realistic log cabin dollhouses for fun. I love doing miniature things. Maisie complained that her dollhouse cabins had no bathrooms- so my dad made an outhouse out of poplar, barn wood, and cedar shingles- he even made the handle for the door out of copper wire he hammered and aged!

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New #dollhouse #outhouse collaboration for Maisie's 4th birthday with my dad! We have to get this completed by tomorrow- her actual #birthday. She was complaining that her dollhouse dolls had no place to potty, so Papa made the outhouse like one would do a real one- he framed it with #poplar, I believe, added #barnwood sides, #cedarshingles… it is a 2 holer. I did the poo and gross things under out of #polymerclay- it even has a #snake in there, but you can't see it without a flashlight. My dad and I stained and tore teeny bits of printed 'newspaper' and added that to the septic system lol. I purchased replica 1:12 1918 and 1897 mini #searscatalogs from #eBay and they're actually READABLE. R made the rotating base and painted it with milk paint. I am currently doing the #landscaping. #miniatures #dollhouses #outhouses #momlife #surprise #present #birthdaypresent #grandfathers #replicas #tinythings #blogger #toddlerlife #childhood #diy #handmade #incredible #dolls #dollhouseminiatures #dollhousefurniture

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I did the ‘poop’ and a snake to go in the 2-holer, out of polymer clay- and we have teeny antique (readable) Sears catalogs in there!

R made the base, it revolves- and painted it with milk paint.

R put the static grass down, but I did the rest of the landscaping and painting and stone crafting out of egg cartons- and I made ‘weeds’… it is a marvelous collaboration! I can’t wait til we surprise her with it later this afternoon!

She’s also getting an ant farm, which she asked for 🙂

Will update more later! xo


Back in Hospital 4 Days Ago- Out Now

this is getting tediously repetitive- found out the other day that my ovaries were about 10 yrs younger than the rest of me or more- and to not expect menopause for another 10 yrs or so, give or take.

Good thing I’ve no more uterus, or I could have been shooting out more babies far into my dotage!