NOSTALGIC EBAY FIND: Vintage Plastic 1960s-70s Barrettes Old New Stock!


I was so thrilled to find these on eBay~

My kid’s hair is super fine and none of the newfangled barrette/clips stay in for long.

I have been yearning for the yarn ribbons and plastic barrettes of my childhood- and found these on eBay!

They were new, unused old stock (meaning they were vintage, but never sold).


Maisie rocking the vintage barrette

These things actually STAY IN HER HAIR! I am so happy!

Now if I could only find some yarn ribbons…


I love them!


Dumpster Diaries: The Beauty Organization and Makeup Storage Edition


so I had an unusable counter and sink in the upstairs kitchen that became the master bedroom’s walk in closet… we aren’t doing a full renovation until next year.

This blog post is going to be mostly photos and captions, because it’s 1 am and I am nearly passing out from exhaustion!


I’ve thrown out SO MUCH MAKEUP from my downstairs bathroom… this is just some of what’s left

makeshift sink vanity

makeshift sink vanity

No, you can't see the faucet... shhhh... don' tell me!

No, you can’t see the faucet… shhhh… don’ tell me!


what it looked like BEFORE I hauled more makeup upstairs from the downstairs bathroom

The stuff in this ‘vanity’ isn’t even 1/10th of what I own. Tomorrow I will be hauling the rest upstairs. I really need a better organization system- but until then, this will do.


my ipsy and birchboxes, coz they’re so cute


1960s-70s groovy glasses repurposed as makeup brush holders

Since this was originally a kitchen, I housed all my vintage linens and favorite antique china and glassware here. It’s a shame not to use them, so I am hauled some of them out as brush and makeup storage.


I’m glad I bought 4 of these lipstick organizers- I needed them

I cannot say enough about these cheap little clear acrylic lipstick holders from eBay! They’re AMAZING and practical.


Lipliners in one glass, eye liners in another- plus a vintage anchor-hocking glass for beauty blenders


after I hauled more stuff upstairs- I need to clean a couple of these brushes


I have no idea how I will end up organizing all the perfume/perfume samples and eye shadows

I have mac, nars, pout, nyx, and hard candy thingies in that little green tray.


a few of my favorite palettes

I love the idea of everything being out in the open where I can see them and not shoved into a drawer, forgotten.

I also received something in the mail from Birchbox, but will review later- Goodnight All!


Vintage Pink Depression Glass and Homemade Peanut Butter Cookies


yummy homemade peanut butter cookies on a pretty garage sale depression glass plate

I actually have a ton of Dumpster Diary posts I am working on, because we’ve been SO busy with the back room and upstairs kitchen into closet redo, but I have yet to finish them. I’ve been way too tired til now to even blog. I am taking a wee break right now while baby sleeps to catch my breath and check my email, so I decided to post.

The other day my mom and I went to some rummage sales. I found a GORGEOUS circa. 1935-1938 Pink Depression Glass plate in perfect shape for $3! It was in the Princess pattern by Hocking. I usually don’t go for glassware of any sort (even my drinking glasses are utilitarian antique Mason Ball jars from my parents’ barn), but it was so pretty. I could definitely see cookies on it in my mind’s eye. Yeah, I know I don’t need more STUFF, but I needed a break for a few hours from this house.

C and I made/froze peanut butter cookie dough the day the stove went off. The recipe was amazing- you can find it HERE. They tasted like bakery cookies and were so easy to make.

Anyway, that’s my post and my pic… back to work for me now!