Some Pictorial Instagram Highlights from Our Month Away From Blog (lots of photos)…

I am seriously lazy right now and supposed to be cleaning the upstairs. I let a lot go to seed when I was recovering from my illness. I dusted and cleaned for about thirty minutes this afternoon- and now I have to try to get the Maisie to go down for her nap.

I’ve gone most vegetarian since my kidney infection- and I’ve upped my water intake. We have cut out red meat almost entirely (the others in my house still eat it).

This was Maisie’s breakfast today- Filipino Adobo Fried Rice, with a fried egg and sriracha

Maisie had photos done with her brothers in early October:

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All of my children in one photo #love #kittyleephotography #family

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She wore lots of cute outfits:

We went to visit my late grandparents’ house, it is now a law office:

me, on same staircase, as a baby:

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Me at the same age #nostalgia #sweet #family #memories

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We got dressed up for Halloween Trick or Treating:

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It's healing nicely #happyhalloween

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My little giraffe #happyhalloween

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We experienced unseasonably warm “Indian Summer” temps here in Michigan (in November!):

She went to her first art gallery show with Mommy and Daddy (and brother and Papa):

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Taking Maisie to her first art gallery show #momlife #memories

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Maisie's daddy

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Toy Giraffe Tuesday: Maisie, Her Giraffe, And Late 1940s-50s Vintage Toddler Dress


vintage baby dress and toy giraffe

Ever since R bought that 2.5 ft toy giraffe for her birthday, she’s been OBSESSED with it.



Today it hit it’s pinnacle: she refused to eat or go anywhere without it. She cried every time you took it away, even for a minute.


FullSizeRender-3 FullSizeRender-4


We haven’t named it yet, but she calls it “G’affe”.





Today’s outfit is a late 1940s-early 1950s vintage baby dress I found on eBay. It is made of cotton and dotted swiss. I adore retro baby dresses- the quality and construction (and price) can’t be beat! I should have ironed it, but I have no time for that.

I really wonder how my grandmother dealt with 4 daughters and all those dresses to iron! I know people say that they ‘sprinkled the dresses with water’, but the details are sketchy. One of my friends showed me how to iron puffed baby sleeves and it is kind of like those Imelda Marcos butterfly sleeved Filipino dresses.


it’s poor neck gets a lot of twisting


the giraffe gets more kisses than we do!


non-giraffe shot



more G’affe kisses






NOSTALGIC EBAY FIND: Vintage Plastic 1960s-70s Barrettes Old New Stock!


I was so thrilled to find these on eBay~

My kid’s hair is super fine and none of the newfangled barrette/clips stay in for long.

I have been yearning for the yarn ribbons and plastic barrettes of my childhood- and found these on eBay!

They were new, unused old stock (meaning they were vintage, but never sold).


Maisie rocking the vintage barrette

These things actually STAY IN HER HAIR! I am so happy!

Now if I could only find some yarn ribbons…


I love them!


MY 1ST GIVEAWAY! Claire Lush Designs Sterling Silver And Turquoise Bracelet! **INTERNATIONAL**


The adult sized sterling silver and turquoise bracelet was custom designed by Claire Lush Designs just for this contest. The photos were taken by Kitty Lee Photography.

Claire does gorgeous custom jewelry for both adults and children. Here are more photos of her designs (with my Maisie modeling some of it) from a photo shoot this summer. Claire, the designer, is the gorgeous girl in between the 2 little girls.

to celebrate my 100 plus blog followers and 3000 plus Instagram followers, going to have a giveaway soon of AWESOME silver Claire Lush Design jewelry!

Maisie modeling with Claire and Ami


more of Claire’s gorgeous work (and physique)


Claire, from Claire Lush Designs


Maisie and Ami modeling Claire’s children’s jewelry line

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Contest ends November 1st, 2015 at midnight est. (So that you can get this in time for the holidays 🙂 

Winners will be announced the following day!


What’s Maisie Wearing? Pediped Mary Janes and a Baby Gap Dress!

pediped mary janes and baby gap dress


with one of her 101 Dalmations pups- she’s in LOVE with these doggies

It’s no secret that I am a huge huge fan of Baby Gap clothing. Most of Maisie’s wardrobe at the moment is FILLED with their clothing. I also LOVE Pediped baby shoes! They’re so well made, perfect for early walkers, with comfy soft soles. I bought 3 pairs of Pedipeds this week and let her choose the one she wanted to wear today- the brown ones. She has great taste for a year old baby, because they’re my personal faves, too.


Pretty girl


waiting for her grandparents to arrive

Maisie will be a year old this week, but today is her Papa’s birthday and she got dressed up for the occasion. We bought a cake for my dad and are currently waiting for my parents to arrive.

She just started walking last week, so I figured it was time to get her used to shoes before winter hits. This kid has been sporting barefeet all summer!

If you’re looking for the highest quality early walking shoes- these are completely worth it!

was asq cx


Cute girl


PHOTOS: Sneak Peak of Maisie (and more) modeling Claire Lush Designs Photoshoot with Kitty Lee Photography


Maisie & Amelie repping Claire Lush Designs with their baby (fake) tats photo credit: Kitty Lee Photography


beautiful designer/kiteboarder Claire Lutz of Claire Lush Designs Photo credit: Kitty Lee Photography

Wonderful Kitty sent two of her finished photos- Claire (and her jewelry) looks AH-MAZING.

Here is a link to Claire’s store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/clairelushdesigns

Please FOLLOW Claire’s Instagram here: https://instagram.com/clairelushdesigns/

Also, please FOLLOW Kitty’s Instagram here: https://instagram.com/kittyleephotography/


Quick Mini Photo Update: Photoshoot went well today… then I dropped my iPhone in the baby’s bath water

photo by Kitty Lee Photography We turned our backs for a MOMENT and she whipped off her bottoms!

photo by Kitty Lee Photography
We turned our backs for a MOMENT and she whipped off her bottoms!

11891871_10153279678079024_3052875602311655613_o tre wsa steqw steweMaisie had a TON of temporary tattoos applied, to match Claire’s from Claire Lush Designs. It was ghastly trying to remove them after. The actual photos (not the ones above, those are from my phone) were done by Kitty Lee Photography.

She wore a cute little bikini from Babi-kini.

I will post more photos of the behind the scenes later- ended up dropping my iPhone in the bath tub and now I am semi-crippled from technology.


Maisie (and ME) Photo Updates

I have been SO Busy this week, but am posting some highlights from my Instagram here…

We had a funeral today. A friend of my parents’ passed away suddenly.

These were from the bathroom at the funeral home. It was a sad reason to dress up…

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Maisie & Mommy

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At Ken's funeral

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Maisie and Mommy

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#mirror #reflection

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She was such a good girl at the visitation! She actually took SOME OF HER FIRST STEPS at the funeral home!
By the time we got back home, she (and I) was SO tired.

I found a tee shirt from when we were in Orkney, Scotland over 15 years ago- this was her brother’s shirt when he was a toddler. I have been transitioning her from her bottle to a cup these last two days and it seems to be doing really well. I bought a fantastic training cup with a soft spout from NUK that she LOVES. She hasn’t had a bottle all day today and hasn’t missed them at all.

My mother dropped off a bunch of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians stuffed doggies a couple of days ago. They used to belong to her oldest brother, Sam, when he was a baby. Sam is now 26, if that gives you any idea how old these are. She’s not let them go since they arrived and grabbed TWO of the puppies to sleep with last night! They get more hugs and kisses than I do. I am a little jealous 🙂

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Nice #photobomb, daddy #cute #cutestkidz #cutekidsclub #sweet

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I had my hair done yesterday and we wore these cute little Mexican traditional shirt/dresses.

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#baby #fridakahlo #love #cute #cutebaby #sweetbaby

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My niece who lives in Wisconsin came for a visit last night. She has 4 kids under 5! It was a great visit- here is Maisie with my 2 grandnieces, Lainie and Karmia- Maisie wasn’t too happy here:

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#Cousins #love Maisie and my grandnieces

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Her hair is curling up:

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Happy #dimples #cute #cutebaby #love #sweetbaby #sweet

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Last, but not least, the dumpster went bye-bye. I will attempt to update the Dumpster Diaries this week- been working my tail off in that back room!

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There goes my dumpster… #dumpsterdiaries

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What’s Maisie Wearing? A Little Blue Sundress from India!

Today she’s in a little cotton sundress from India with her thai silver baby anklets, Art of Cure raw Baltic Amber teething necklace, and a cute white hair bow.

getting a drink of water from my mother


little chipmunk cheeks