Maisie’s Newest Silver Baby Bracelets from Claire Lush Designs!

New Silver Cuff Bracelets from Claire Lush Designs!

New Silver Cuff Bracelets from Claire Lush Designs!


Got more baby jewelry swag in the mail today from Claire Lush Designs!

In today’s package, she received a V-shaped silver cuff and a heavier silver patterned cuff, plus two thin silver cuffs for a friend’s daughter.

They look ADORABLE on Maisie.  I had to move the Puravida bracelets over to the other hand, which is no mean feat when you have a squirming 10 month old.

A happy Maisie with Papa (my dad)

A happy Maisie with Papa (my dad)

My parents were here visiting, so photos were snapped with the kid only in her diaper and jewelry. She’s going through a “MAMAMAMAMAMAMA” phase and doesn’t want anyone but me usually, so it’s a good thing when people visit and she goes to them- gives me a slight break, which I sorely need.  She refused to nap for 2 days and finally went down for one this afternoon.

She only seems to have 2 speeds lately:  “Pick ME UP!” or “DANCE TIME!”

Here is a video of her dancing with my parents in the background:


New Silver Baby Bracelets From Claire Lush Designs

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I am so excited! Claire, from Claire Lush Designs, sent this photo of her newest silver baby cuff bracelets!  I can’t wait to see which ones Maisie gets!


Maisie and her naughty new stuffed cat…

My sister Edie bought Maisie a new stuffed cat. We named it “Dibble”, after a similar REAL cat my grandparents had when I was a tiny girl.

She dragged the cat to her toybox and proceeded to introduce it to all her dolls and other stuffies.

When she brought out her favorite tiny stuffed owl – being the evil mommy that I am – I took the cat and pounced on the owl, pretending that the cat was eating the bird.

Maisie looked at the scene in horror for a few moments, then started to cry.  She snatched the cat out of my hand and spanked it on it’s head, saying “NO, NO!!! BAD! BAD!!”

Where did she get that?! She’s never had a spanking herself!!

It reminded me of when we’d catch our cats on the farm with live birds and tried to get them to drop them.


What’s Maisie Wearing? A Patriotic Outfit By Levis, Gymboree, Lands End, and Chaps

Our summers have yet to really warm up here in Michigan.  The weather has been cold one day and sweltering the next…

This cute little ensemble features a white Chaps blouse, baby Levis leggings, red Gymboree cowboy boots, and a marled blue Land’s End sweater from their boy’s section.

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What’s Maisie Wearing? A Janie and Jack Tunic Dress, an Art of Cure Raw Amber Teething Necklace, and Silver Thai Baby Anklets

Summery and chic!  Loved this little dress!