We missed #WorldSelfieDay Yesterday, so Maisie and I (and my son) made up for it today lol


My skin after initial 6 day water fast looks INCREDIBLE!

NOT bad for almost 50 years old, huh?

I noticed that my skin responded really well to this. I am super stoked about it!


September 2015 Birchbox “You’re Beautiful” Review


first glimpse of box

I have to admit, I wasn’t too jazzed about this month’s Birchbox. I’d been waiting with baited breath for the Anastasia Brow Pencil… but once I received it, was ‘meh’. My trusty Rimmel brow pencil is better than this one for me. They do about the same thing, except the Rimmel pencil seems to be less ‘smudgy’.

IMG_5857 copy



list of innards

The Tocca body scrub was nice… albeit smallish. The concealer crayon is ok for cleaning up brow meses, but not much else if you need a decent undereye concealer. The hair leave in stuff was ‘ok’. The perfume was DISGUSTING.

I am seriously considering canceling my subscription soon. So far, Ipsy is a far better deal.


8 Fast Fixes for Makeup Mishaps

these are handy dandy tips


Lilly Bloom / Getty Images Lilly Bloom / Getty Images

We all have experienced our fair share of makeup slip-ups. From accidentally applying too much product, to not exactly being spot-on when we’re picking a foundation shade, there’s quite a bit of room for error. Luckily, for every problem, there is a solution. We’re coming to your rescue with 8 quick fixes for the most common makeup malfunctions.

1. The Face Mask: We’re not talking about the one you put on last night to rejuvenate your skin, but instead, the foundation application where somewhere went wrong. The trick to fixing demarcation lines (the noticeable spot where your foundation stops because it doesn’t match your skin tone) is simple—blend the foundation down onto your neck as well.

2. Lipstick on Teeth: Embarrassing yet ever so common, this malfunction can totally be avoided. When it’s already happened, all we really can do is wipe it off. To…

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Elle MacPherson’s Food and Fitness Diary (This Is Why She Looks So Damn Good)

So gorgeous at 51!


Elle-MacpheresonPhoto: Welleco

If we were to name the women we wished we looked like, Elle MacPherson would undoubtedly top the list: Even at 51 years old, her superhuman beauty—and that body—rivals most models half her age. So it’s a given that we (and, probably, the rest of the female population) are dying to know what she’s doing that we’re not. We know genes are half the battle, but there’s got to be a few wellness tricks up the supermodel and health guru’s sleeve, right?

To find out, we chatted with Elle and uncovered the secrets that keep her looking so amazing. She explained why she doesn’t “work out” (though she does stay active), what she eats on a daily basis, and the benefits of her health supplement that’s been getting tons of buzz. Keep reading for some seriously inspirational health talk.

I start an average day by… Drinking 500 milliliters (about 16 ounces) of room temperature water every day upon waking up. This…

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Beauty Haul Preview: W7 IN THE NUDE & IN THE BUFF: LIGHTLY TOASTED plus almost EVERY NYX Eye Brow Product-

unnamed (55)

bought these for 7 bucks each on eBay- they arrived 3 days ago from the UK.

unnamed (56)

I did a quickie swatch thing on my arm and will say right now that without water or a primer, there will be issues with the lighter colors not showing up

unnamed (57)

the packaging was nice, I loved the little tins. Lighter colors are not as pigmented as I would like.

unnamed (54)

5 different NYX eyebrow products that I will be trying and reviewing soon

I will review these the next time I am able to wear makeup. Hoping the brow stuff works (at least ONE of them…)

I bought the NYX brow things in one fell swoop at Target the day that I did my failed Wet n Wild brow review.

W7 is a popular drugstore brand from the UK. Their nude eye shadow palettes have been making news on the interwebs as great dupes for Urban Decay’s Naked eyeshadow palette.

The W7 palettes require an eye shadow primer or water for the lighter colors. When I did a quick swatch test on my arm, they barely showed up.