Today Maisie is 4- and earlier this week my dad was 76- What we’ve been working on for her bday (Instagram)


It’s a busy birthday week at my house- today Maisie turns 4! I don’t have any pics of her yet this morning, but wanted to update everyone on our projects (and my dad’s bday) this week.

Pic of Papa wearing Maisie’s hat 🙂 –

Maisie on my dad’s bday- she dressed as a ‘cowgirl ballerina’:

We build ultra realistic log cabin dollhouses for fun. I love doing miniature things. Maisie complained that her dollhouse cabins had no bathrooms- so my dad made an outhouse out of poplar, barn wood, and cedar shingles- he even made the handle for the door out of copper wire he hammered and aged!

I did the ‘poop’ and a snake to go in the 2-holer, out of polymer clay- and we have teeny antique (readable) Sears catalogs in there!

R made the base, it revolves- and painted it with milk paint.

R put the static grass down, but I did the rest of the landscaping and painting and stone crafting out of egg cartons- and I made ‘weeds’… it is a marvelous collaboration! I can’t wait til we surprise her with it later this afternoon!

She’s also getting an ant farm, which she asked for 🙂

Will update more later! xo


Maisie’s 1st Birthday in VIDEO CLIPS :)

From my Instagram:


Maisie’s 1st Birthday in PHOTOS


We just had a small family party- my parents, Jeff, R, her 3 brothers- with a cake and a couple of gifts. It was a lovely time. We will be having her ‘big’ party on Sept. 19th.


close up of her new kitchen set


This is by KidKraft and I found it on Amazon- the pots n pans are from Melissa and Doug toys


toy donuts from Melissa and Doug toys


a kidkraft coffee maker set- because all she sees all day long is adults drinking coffee!


B Toys keys- love this brand!


my folks showed up when she was getting dressed- and brought her a huge “MR TEDDY”– she’s giving him a kiss here


getting her outfit put on by Daddy


she and Mr Teddy are matching 🙂


I put her in a little custom made pinafore to keep her dress clean- playing with the kitchen with my mom


more playing kitchen with Mama


laying around on porch with her oldest brother


with my mom


closeup of her rad hair ribbon


the back of the pinafore was ADORABLE


she’s not too sure about this cake on fire stuff


but she liked the cake just fine


she was VERY careful about not getting her dress dirty


yummm… cake


I can’t believe she’s a year old!


caked out


more time with Sam


opening presents with her Daddy- a new Dyson baby vacuum!


Maisie and Jay- her second oldest brother


the toy makeup vanity


vanity and vacuum cleaner


drinking ‘coffee’


my father pointed out that this coffee maker looks suspiciously like a toilet


so, we tried it out with GI Joe


Probably NOT how we teach young kids how to make coffee


looks cute in her kitchen, though


coffee mugs, creamer, sugar


Pongo the Dalmatian, Maisie and Sam


by the end of this, she was nearly naked with a pearl necklace on- attempting to polish her toenails


naked-ish bday girl and my mom


trying on my mom’s tsinelas (flip flops)


TODAY MAISIE IS A YEAR OLD!!!!! The Dance Time Boys (From BabyFirstTV) Personalized Bday Vid!


the child is in shock- this is the first time she viewed it and the look on her face was PRICELESS!

Maisie is ADDICTED to BabyFirstTV’s “The Dance Time Boys”

She’s wiggled, twerked, shaked her diaper even before she could walk because of them.

I bought a personalized birthday video and it was SO worth it!

If you have a child who loves them as much as mine does, get a personalized video for your kid 🙂 There is a link to ordering one on the link above.


Sam’s Crazy 26th Birthday Surprise

Maisie's 'card' to her oldest brother on his 26th bday- she's the Birthday Axe Fairy

Maisie’s ‘card’ to her oldest brother on his 26th bday- she’s the Birthday Axe Fairy

My oldest son, Sam, turned 26 today. He does a show online and broadcasted from last night to early this morning for 12 hours.

Sam after the first part of the surprise.

Sam after the first part of the surprise.

At the stroke of midnight on the 9th, we surprised him with cake, glitter, and a card- and Maisie dressed up as the birthday axe fairy with a glowing plastic ax and birthday tiara. I used 2 full cups of glitter confetti, which I later attempted to vacuum up with a shop vac and a Dyson.

We STILL have glitter EVERYWHERE.

It was pretty raunchy- poor guy.

He has viewers who chat with him during his streams online- and they were secretly sending msgs to ME to do things… Sam ended up getting hit in the head with a (faux) wet diaper- and another asked for me to fill one later with HP (brown) Sauce to simulate poo and get him with THAT.

it was only HP Sauce

it was only HP Sauce

Of course, I complied. Here are the highlights (I am just posting part I- the rest are on my youtube channel):