FROM THESE ISLANDS I RISE- free book currently on Amazon

Filipinos, Asians, Fil-Ams, mixed peeps, Asian-American people, people married to Islanders or raised by them or with kids from ‘there’:

You need to read this- it is free on Kindle right now!

Christine-Marie Liwag Dixon wrote this and it is definitely a testimony to being Filipino and mixed in North America.

I loved this. As a fellow mixed race Filipino-American, I could identify with so much of Liwag Dixon’s writing and poetry. The emotions behind her writings ring true and clear. I am also a person who also has a foot in both worlds, to some extent, and I identified very strongly with her poetry.

She was my co-writer for the screenplay we just did- a brilliant pianist and musical talent, and a prolific novelist, poet, and journalist.

Feel free to read and leave a review.


The First Five Chapters of ‘Saint Mazie’ by Jami Attenberg

I’ve wanted to read this book for a while now… glad I found this post. I ADORE Longreads blog.


UK website The Pool has an excerpt of Saint Mazie, the much-lauded new novel by Jami Attenberg, author of the New York Times Bestselling The Middlesteins. They’ve got not just one chapter, but the first five from this book of historical fiction about legendary “Queen of the Bowery” Mazie Phillips—an irreverent but kind figure known for handing out money and advice to men on the skids in Jazz Age New York City, and who was profiled by Joseph Mitchell in the December 21, 1940 issue of The New Yorker (see his collection, Up in the Old Hotel):

Mazie’s Diary, January 4, 1918
I wasn’t ready to go home yet but there was nobody left in the bar worth talking to. Talked to a bum on the street instead, an old fella. We split whatever was in his bottle and I gave him a smoke. I was feeling tough. I asked…

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