On Blending and Contouring… A Real World Makeup Adventure on an OLDER Face

Me, after the contouring/spackle business, with hair in pincurls.

Me, after the contouring/spackle business, with hair in pincurls.

Blending and contouring have been big, big things since… forever.

Kim Kardashian has been blowing up the blending/contouring makeup world with numerous videos.

If you search on youtube, a zillion tutorials will pop up:


This post was inspired by a recent blog done by Elizabeth over at ElizabethandLipstick.com– it’s a great makeup blog and she’s lovely, check it out.  That is how it is supposed to look on dewy, fresh young faces.

How would the SAME technique work on an older person?  Let’s find out:

Before I had a baby and before my botox melted, this would have been a do-able ‘going out’ look.

As most women will find, a lighter hand is needed the older and more wrinkly one gets.

The brush that once would have made for a flawless complexion is replaced by the beauty blending spongy thing.

Care must be taken to keep the crap from settling in the teeny lines- which it WILL DO- or to keep it from smearing like that old lady in that 1993 Little Caesar’s pizza commercial:


this is my holy grail of under eye concealers- covers beautifully and doesn’t crease/budge.

Since I NOW have an ‘au naturel’ 46 yr old face- thanks to a 10 month old with separation anxiety and inability to be put down long enough so I can PEE- full on MAKEUP TIME is merely a special occasion endeavor.

Other things to remember when laying down that spackle, older ladies:

1. Your face is either going to be too dry or too oily, or both.  Switch up your products.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Amazing Concealer by Amazing Cosmetics.  It barely budges or creases, no matter how humid the weather.  It doesn’t make you look like a decrepit, decaying wax doll, either.

2. Go EASY on that setting powder, EVEN IF YOU HAVE A LOT OF BOTOX.  Nothing shows fine lines like a dusting of powder around the eyes.  Yeah, I know we may need it, but damn. It’s not fun to look at one’s face too closely. Sometimes I am glad that our up close eye sight is failing.

3. Use a wet beauty blender sponge- it gives a more sheer coverage- and you can use your fingers to layer more on and blend, blend, blend- BLEND- and blend some more. Remember back in the day when your mom or grandma used Pan-Cake makeup and the wet sponge?  Same damned thing, different name and shape.

these egg shaped sponges are the BOMBDIGGITY, girls.

these egg shaped Beauty Blender sponges are the BOMBDIGGITY, girls.

4. Invest in a good MAGNIFYING MIRROR, the higher the magnification, the better.  Get big ones, small ones, purse sized ones. They are SO worth it.  Nothing worse than blindly trying to glue some false eyelashes on and having the strip somehow adhere to your makeup smeared reading glasses… sad, but true.  (Yes, younger women reading this- you will someday experience these things as well- prepare for the inevitable NOW.)

5. Is your face starting to lose that luster, that sparkle it once had?  Are you getting that peri-menopausal powdery older lady skin?  Chemical peels/dermabrasion/laser treatments help with that.  A good highlighter cream or powder (that sparkly stuff) also works wonders.  LORAC used to make an excellent one. Lately, I’ve been loving Sonia Kashuk’s Chic Luminosity Highlighter Stick in Sparkling Sands.  It’s a dupe for Benefit’s WATT’S UP! at a fraction of the price.  It’s sheer and it’s wearable with or without foundation.  Excellent product.

6. Don’t be lazy like I am.  Use a makeup primer and eye makeup primer.  Those things rock. They even out skin imperfections and disguise pores, some lines, and help the makeup STAY ON YOUR FACE. There’s a crotch itch/thigh rubbing cream sold in the lady bits section of stores that has the exact SAME INGREDIENTS as one of the most popular primers, but the name escapes me. I *do* know that it costs about $4 vs $30 for the primo stuff.

Now for the contouring/highlighting parts:

I actually used this tutorial from GlamBoothTv’s youtube site- it’s great and you can blow it up nice and full screen while you slap that makeup on your face:

Here is a list of the makeup used for the contouring:

Primer: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Priming Potion on eye lids
Concealer: Amazing Concealer in I can’t read the freaking small print on this tube
Foundation: Revlon Colorstay 24 Hours Whipped Creme Makeup in 220 Nude
Contouring (dark color): Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup in Shade 44; some matte brown eyeshadow for the nose
Highlighter(s): Sonia Kashuk’s Chic Luminosity Highlighter Stick in Sparkling Sands
Powder: Revlon Age Defying Powder with DNA Advantage in Medium; also used Coty Airspun Face Powder in Light/Medium Neutral Tone

Up close around the nose and eyes.  Yeah, someone needs to give me a tutorial on how to get those modern 'square front' brows!

Up close around the nose and eyes. Yeah, someone needs to give me a tutorial on how to get those modern ‘square front’ brows!

I did exactly (well, almost… as much as possible) as the video instructed.  I seriously need a tutorial on the mod new brow thing all you gals are doing.  I am BEGGING you.  Step by step… please.

The look was a bit disconcertingly heavy after the last 2 yrs of minimal makeup.  My undereye area is in need of some filler in the tear trough region.  I knew that the foundation would settle as I did my hair, which it did.  All in all, I was pleased with the results, but it isn’t a do-able look for me for everyday.  My skin has learned to BREATHE in the interim and no longer will stand for thick makeup daily.

all the contours and highlights, ducklips and all- on my vintage head.

all the contours and highlights, ducklips and all- on my vintage head.

One thing I dared NOT do once this concoction was applied to my face was:  KISS, TALK MUCH, SMILE, let anyone touch my head.  I had to put a plastic grocery bag (yeah, bad for the environment, yadda…) over my head and had to let someone help pull the clothes on.

All this “Kardashian-ness” is hard work.  I was worried about the makeup staining the neckline of my outfit.

I have to admit, all the contouring and highlighting (or ‘strobing’, as I’ve seen the kids call it now) is way too 1990s flashback for me.  I felt less like Kim and more like Kris Jenner mated with the newly minted Caitlyn by the end of this.  Eat your hearts out, fellow momagers…

photo 4

the end result wasn’t terribly bad, once I put the lippie on and did something to the hair.  I still kinda scream “MOMAGER”, though.

photo 5

this is a look that, on an older woman like myself, says “I survived the 1980s and 1990s and I have the hair to prove it” #bighairdontcare