This is my new normal as a Covid long hauler, 6 months after contracting Covid.

They are discovering that this disease is a VASCULAR one, not a respiratory one, per the news this morning.

If you are also a covid survivor, consider joining the facebook group Survivor Corps for updates on long term health effects, newest findings, and just to share your stories with others going through the same nightmare.

We fell ill with Covid19 in March 2020.

Months later, I am still not 100%- and to add insult to injury, we were exposed AGAIN.

Right now, I am in the middle of the worst panic attack. We’re coughing, I have a sore throat- no fever, but apparently fevers only account for 7 percent (roughly) of symptoms.

Stay safe, everyone.



Sitting under 3 sofa throws, with a fourth one over my head like a tent while I type this.

It’s 73F in my house, but I am having the worst chills and nausea. Hope it’s not food poisoning.

It’s not Covid-19 (been there, done that- more about that in an upcoming series of posts. We’re ok now). However, if you’ve been through the ‘rona, you discover that the teeniest thing will make you ill- long after ‘recovery’.

In my opinion, for many of us older adults, ‘recovery’ is an ongoing process, long after (months, in our cases) you’ve gone antibody negative.

I have a ton of IG and blog posts to publish, but I am going to try to recover from whatever the hell this is.

Ok, going to try to lay down now. This is freaking inconvenient.