I am still at 159.6, but I know it is because of sadness. I forced myself to eat today. If I gain some weight tomorrow, I won’t be shocked. Losing weight too fast isn’t good, either.

I am also forcing myself to do this- I am generally pretty happy go lucky, but this death hit all of us like a ton of bricks. I owe it to myself, my family, and my sales team of friends to pull myself out of this now.

I’ve given myself grace, even though I’ve been running on fumes since Covid, part 3. It’s time to get back to work on my neuroplasticity and mindset.

I also took a reels class this week (some of it, still working on it) and made silly reel vids.

If there is anything I can rely upon, it’s my skincare regimen by L’Bri and this eating program.

The skincare can be found at linktr.ee/missmaisieandme
Day 44-

WEIGHT: 159.6 again. I attribute this to being so down.

11,147 steps (much better than yesterday)
28 min cardio

10: 25 am- 1st fueling:  ZESTY LEMON BAR and coffee
12:45 pm- 2nd fueling: CHOCOLATE PUDDING
3:45 pm- 3rd fueling: HONEY MUSTARD & ONION STICKS
5:45 pm- 4th fueling: protein bar
10 pm- Lean and Green meal: Chicken sausage, salad

96.6 oz of water


Ruth Bader Ginsburg- by Maisie, age 6

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I spent Erev Rosh Hashanah explaining the death and importance of #RBG to Maisie.

This morning, I did a video, to see how much of the information she retained.

According to #Jewish tradition, a person who dies on #RoshHashanah, which began last night, is a #tzaddik, a person of great righteousness

I explained to her the #history behind RBG and my daughter is already pretty political (we discuss politics a lot in my house) and her death and what it means to us as #women and #minorities. I also explained to her how life for women used to be. This is a simple article that I used: https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/76804/15-things-you-should-know-about-ruth-bader-ginsburg She lives in a house full of adults and no other kids, so she has an adult perspective on most things and *will* argue politics with us. She cannot even comprehend living in an era where women are not equal to males. She has no idea how the rest of the world is or how society is or was- and I feel it is important for her to understand this. I am #multiethnic and Jewish. Civil rights and the history behind what our ancestors faced- and what family members still face- we feel, is important for her to understand. I am not very good at editing information when it comes to her. My parents did the same with me. We teach, we learn, and we discuss and sort out the bits she is interested in or horrified by- and we hope she forms her own opinions.

‪I grew up in an era when I was ridiculed as a child for being multiethnic- small town in midwest- during the Vietnam war.‬ ‪I hoped that my own children would not have to experience the same. I am still hoping. We 'pass', but it isn't so easy for people like my half siblings and mother, who have dark skin.‬ ‪In the same vein, our kids need to understand all the things people like RBG did as a patriot and warrior for Women's Rights.‬ ‪@mindykaling ’s tweet sums it up for me:‬ ‪“Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the kind of scholar and patriot you get excited about explaining to your kids. The kind of person who you say “who knows, one day you could be HER”. I hope you rest well, RBG, you must have been tired from changing the world.”


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He was a rockstar of the culinary world. Rest easy now, Bourdain.


One of the few idols I had left is dead. I watched his shows religiously. Bourdain’s culinary adventures became my obsession- I was able to travel the world through HIS eyes. His show was my foodie porn. What a masterpiece it was!

A few years back, Bourdain filmed his Filipino episode at my former co-star’s flat in Manila. I was so star struck by this fact and pumped my friend for all the info I could get.

My friend said he seemed tired and overwhelmed- or something to that effect. I don’t doubt that at all. His shooting schedule had to be extremely grueling.

CNN reports that he was found dead by hanging, in an apparent suicide, by his friend Eric Ripert. He left 2 ex-wives, a daughter, and his current girlfriend, actress Asia Argento, to mourn him along with the rest of us.

I don’t understand suicide, I wish I could understand it more. This tragedy brings to mind all of those people who survived loved ones that died in this manner. The families who will weep forever over the loss. 

If you are contemplating suicide, I urge you, please rethink it. Get help, there is help available. Don’t let the world mourn what could have been. Don’t let your children grow up without a parent. Don’t let your parents have to bury their child.

When you kill yourself, you kill a bit of everyone around you.

We are all one, connected to each other through our joys and tragedies.