Dumpster Diaries: BASEMENT FLOOD

No photos from that day- was too tired.

The plumber arrived on Tuesday and used the auger on the drain. He said the tree roots were causing the flooding in the basement- and found a PLASTIC BAG! How the HELL would a plastic bag get in there?!

My drain problem is probably good for another year or two.

The guys spent part of the day cleaning up the aftermath and got a full garbage cans full of crap in dumpster from the basement.


Dumpster Diaries: If Anything CAN Go Wrong, It WILL… I QUIT!

I quit… well, just for today

Maybe my nerves are just frazzled or maybe it’s the flood that happened in my basement this afternoon.

The day started innocently enough: I woke up, fed baby, did the dishes, made tapioca pudding, did laundry, tidied the house downstairs, hung more clothes in the closet- then BAM! 1 inch of water in basement near washing machine/dryer.

Gotta call a person to come with an auger to do the drain. This happens every year because of the tree roots outside.

So, I quit.

I probably needed the day off, anyway.