Day 30-Over 50 and Weight Loss Diary- 14 LBS LOST IN A MONTH!!

30 day results!!!!! 14 lbs GONE!

So, yeah, WOW. I AM SHOCKED by my pics and results. It is painful to post these, but in the interest of sheer honesty, it has to be done. I love this program and if you want to try it, too, msg me. I will hook you up with my coach.

Maisie woke us up this morning complaining of a sore throat and feeling worse. Gave her meds and tucked her back in with some hot peach tea and local raw honey. Poor baby.

R is also still feeling poorly, but his covid swab today was also negative. He can’t stop sleeping. Lots of mucus. I have no probs with the mucus, but everything else is wonky.

We left the house for prescriptions and supplies, but the pharmacy closed early. My blood thinners are gone and this is no bueno. I have to be at the drugstore at 9 am to pick them up tomorrow. It is dangerous for people like me with blood clotting disorders (Factor V Leiden in my case) and a history of pulmonary embolism to be off them. I am a lifer. I wore a mask.

I also did the 10 year challenge thingie on FB. I haven’t aged much, except for the white hair and extra 20 lbs left, thanks to L’BRI. I sell the stuff as well as use it and have since my 52nd birthday last year. It WORKS and bejamin buttons your face back in time. Get yours at linktr.ee/missmaisieandme while the January skincare sale is on. It is the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin and I’ve done A LOT. This actually WORKS.

Someday, I dream I will learn how to brush my damned hair.

Got some makeup on, just eyes and lips. I don’t wear makeup on my face anymore. I used to- I refuse to now. SOMEONE got some cute glam pics of me standing in dog pee. No, I didn’t eat the yellow snow.

Dinner was Ethiopian collards and cottage cheese, very spicy- but I am losing a bit of my sense of smell and some of my taste, I noticed tonight. Tests keep coming back negative, but this doesn’t bode well.

Day 30-

WEIGHT: 165.8

RESTING HEART RATE: 71 (again, still sick. I am so frustrated X2)
13,021 steps
43 min cardio

10:30 am- 1st fueling: CREAMY DOUBLE PEANUT BUTTER CRISP BAR with a big cup of coffee
1:50 pm- 2nd fueling: DECADENT CHOCOLATE FUDGE CRISP BAR  (OK, was late for my fueling ughhh)
4:30pm- 3rd fueling: DRIZZLED BERRY CRISP BAR
6:30pm- 4th fueling: CREAMY DOUBLE PEANUT BUTTER CRISP BAR (R grabbed a bar for me when we went to the store)
8:30 pm- Lean and Green meal: Ethiopian Ayib Be Gomen– Spicy collards with cottage cheese. SUPER filling. I missed the injera that would go with it (flat bread), but the spice helped my chills.
10:45 pm-5th fueling: coffee and couldn’t eat anything.

80 oz of water


Day 28-Over 50 and Weight Loss Diary- Harry Potter Bedroom Decorating Again…

I felt well enough to start working on Maisie’s bedroom again. The bed and most of it is in there, still need the lamp and furniture brought in, plus the closet cleaned.

Highlights/progress from the bedroom…

I am having the worst time trying to sort out how to drape the canopy hanging. It’s really difficult to do and I am not pleased with it at all. I will have R help me tomorrow.

I pushed myself way too hard today, got winded a lot. I am on the upswing, knock wood.

Weight loss stayed the same. I am not too concerned about it, as it’s been a tough week healthwise for us all. Covid test was negative, which was shocking considering the tons of covid-positive people we’ve been exposed to, knock wood. The molecular test came back tonight. I will be able to leave the house for shopping tomorrow (albeit with a mask). I need to finish up her bedroom.

Day 28-

WEIGHT: 166.2 

12,357 steps
44 min cardio

11:45 am- 1st fueling: DRIZZLED BERRY CRISP BAR
4:20 pm- 3rd fueling: ZESTY LEMON CRISP BAR
6:40 pm- 4th fueling: HONEY MUSTARD & ONION STICKS
9:00 pm- Lean and Green meal: Rotisserie Chicken and asparagus
11:00 pm-5th fueling: CARAMEL MACCHIATO SHAKE


Day 25-Over 50 and Weight Loss Diary- Still Sick and More Harry Potter Bedroom Slow Progress

My second box of food comes today (ordered it early and included things I knew I loved)!!! I am sick of fuelings I don’t like- glad I know what works for me now and what doesn’t.

Did I mention how much I love this diet journey? It’s so easy and fits my lifestyle… not having to think is a major win for me.

Maisie is still feeling poorly, but she is so excited about her new bedroom. We planned to do the painting, the rest of the cleaning, and begin decorating today, but we ended up sick as well. A few more things were pulled out of her room, but we have barely enough energy to even function and have to covid test in the morning.

We all felt so awful by nightfall, but got the spackle, spot painting, and rug installed. I monogrammed the lamp shade with her initials. It could have been executed better, but I felt like crap.

The bed is delayed, so the child is sleeping on a mattress on the floor. She ended up ON THE FLOOR, with the cat on the mattress.

Day 25-


12,188 steps
43 min cardio

10:30 am- 1st fueling: Bar of some sort with a big cup of coffee
1:00 pm- 2nd fueling: another bar because I am too tired to move
3:00 pm- 3rd fueling: DECADENT CHOCOLATE BROWNIE (waffled with plain laughing cow light cheese)
6:00 pm- 4th fueling: ZESTY LEMON CRISP BAR (my new box of fuelings arrived today with new things to try!!)
8:30 pm- Lean and Green meal: chicken sausages, cauliflower, avocados
10:45 pm-5th fueling: coffee because I forgot to eat ugh

80 oz of water