Day 25-Over 50 and Weight Loss Diary- Still Sick and More Harry Potter Bedroom Slow Progress

My second box of food comes today (ordered it early and included things I knew I loved)!!! I am sick of fuelings I don’t like- glad I know what works for me now and what doesn’t.

Did I mention how much I love this diet journey? It’s so easy and fits my lifestyle… not having to think is a major win for me.

Maisie is still feeling poorly, but she is so excited about her new bedroom. We planned to do the painting, the rest of the cleaning, and begin decorating today, but we ended up sick as well. A few more things were pulled out of her room, but we have barely enough energy to even function and have to covid test in the morning.

We all felt so awful by nightfall, but got the spackle, spot painting, and rug installed. I monogrammed the lamp shade with her initials. It could have been executed better, but I felt like crap.

The bed is delayed, so the child is sleeping on a mattress on the floor. She ended up ON THE FLOOR, with the cat on the mattress.

Day 25-


12,188 steps
43 min cardio

10:30 am- 1st fueling: Bar of some sort with a big cup of coffee
1:00 pm- 2nd fueling: another bar because I am too tired to move
3:00 pm- 3rd fueling: DECADENT CHOCOLATE BROWNIE (waffled with plain laughing cow light cheese)
6:00 pm- 4th fueling: ZESTY LEMON CRISP BAR (my new box of fuelings arrived today with new things to try!!)
8:30 pm- Lean and Green meal: chicken sausages, cauliflower, avocados
10:45 pm-5th fueling: coffee because I forgot to eat ugh

80 oz of water