Sorry I’ve not been posting in weeks… updates- and why I’d prefer Universal Healthcare. Bernie Sanders has my vote.

Had a raging kidney infection that must have gone on for a LONG time… I had to ask my doctor for a urinalysis. They kept insisting it was simply ‘referred pain’ from my back procedure.

To add more to the mix, I had my menstrual period for a month and a half. Had an ovarian cancer blood test- need to take the DNA Colors test for more genetic mutations related to breast and ovarian/uterine cancer. Apparently, they’ve discovered MORE mutations, other than BRCA1 and BRCA2 that can indicate this. It’s $250.00 out of pocket.

Next week I have a uterine biopsy. Fun.

These medical bills are KILLING ME. I pay for my own health insurance for my family, because I am self-employed. Currently I pay over $650 per month… after my back procedure, I was shocked to find out that my insurance covered only $880.00, I still owe $2200. The deductible for this is $13,500. My year to date totals are $12,000! This is INSANE.

I changed my insurance for January- I will be paying $1360 a month for insurance and only have to pay 10% of each charge.

Needless to say, I would much prefer socialized medicine. I had it when I lived overseas and I had it when I lived in Canada. People should not have to go bankrupt because of their health. Universal Healthcare should be a RIGHT, not a privilege.

Low income people with free state medical insurance have it better than my fancy-schmancy crap that I pay for!

Seriously, I am scared to go to the doctor now. The holidays are coming up and I want to be able to afford a nice one for the family and not have all my extra cash go to medical expenses.

The middle class is getting SCREWED.

That being said, I am ‘feeling the Bern’ for Bernie Sanders.