NOSTALGIC EBAY FIND: Vintage Plastic 1960s-70s Barrettes Old New Stock!


I was so thrilled to find these on eBay~

My kid’s hair is super fine and none of the newfangled barrette/clips stay in for long.

I have been yearning for the yarn ribbons and plastic barrettes of my childhood- and found these on eBay!

They were new, unused old stock (meaning they were vintage, but never sold).


Maisie rocking the vintage barrette

These things actually STAY IN HER HAIR! I am so happy!

Now if I could only find some yarn ribbons…


I love them!


Behind the scenes photos and sneak peek of Maisie’s 1 yr photo shoot :)


she was SOOO cranky and cried the entire shoot- which was a first- then she was FINE after when she played with the photographer’s kids! This is her pissed off face.

All photos (except the iPhone snaps by me) by  Kitty Lee Photography




She stopped crying when Dave, the photog’s hubby, gave her flowers. She was scared of the balloons and the parasol props… but loved their kids’ toy ak-47 gun and scooters.


my parents, finishing off Maisie’s ‘smash cake’ and smashing it into each other’s faces

chilling out a little bit between crying jags

chilling out a little bit between crying jags

Angry face holding her ice cream cone bubble wand thing- with a bruise on her face from falling in the bathtub that morning

Angry face holding her ice cream cone bubble wand thing- with a bruise on her face from falling in the bathtub that morning

she was scared of the pretty parasol and freaked out

she was scared of the pretty parasol and freaked out

she liked the cake part, especially when she got to feed papa

she liked the cake part, especially when she got to feed papa

feeding papa cake

feeding papa cake


As soon as the shoot was done, she was fine- the boys’ toy ak-47 was a particular favorite of hers WHAT BABY GIRL is scared of balloons and pretty parasols, but loves guns and scooters?!


she love Ami’s scooter and spent a lot of time figuring out how to balance on it- and she just learned to walk 2 weeks ago!


by the end of her play date with the photog’s kids, she considered herself a scooter pro


… and I caught her attempting to push the scooter into the road so she could use it like the big kids were!


MY 1ST GIVEAWAY! Claire Lush Designs Sterling Silver And Turquoise Bracelet! **INTERNATIONAL**


The adult sized sterling silver and turquoise bracelet was custom designed by Claire Lush Designs just for this contest. The photos were taken by Kitty Lee Photography.

Claire does gorgeous custom jewelry for both adults and children. Here are more photos of her designs (with my Maisie modeling some of it) from a photo shoot this summer. Claire, the designer, is the gorgeous girl in between the 2 little girls.

to celebrate my 100 plus blog followers and 3000 plus Instagram followers, going to have a giveaway soon of AWESOME silver Claire Lush Design jewelry!

Maisie modeling with Claire and Ami


more of Claire’s gorgeous work (and physique)


Claire, from Claire Lush Designs


Maisie and Ami modeling Claire’s children’s jewelry line

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Contest ends November 1st, 2015 at midnight est. (So that you can get this in time for the holidays 🙂 

Winners will be announced the following day!


PHOTOS: Sneak Peak of Maisie (and more) modeling Claire Lush Designs Photoshoot with Kitty Lee Photography


Maisie & Amelie repping Claire Lush Designs with their baby (fake) tats photo credit: Kitty Lee Photography


beautiful designer/kiteboarder Claire Lutz of Claire Lush Designs Photo credit: Kitty Lee Photography

Wonderful Kitty sent two of her finished photos- Claire (and her jewelry) looks AH-MAZING.

Here is a link to Claire’s store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/clairelushdesigns

Please FOLLOW Claire’s Instagram here: https://instagram.com/clairelushdesigns/

Also, please FOLLOW Kitty’s Instagram here: https://instagram.com/kittyleephotography/



Here is a video from my Instagram- she took her first steps at my friend’s store!

11.5 months old 🙂


Part 14 of the Dumpster Diaries: Finishing the Back Room AND Bye Bye Dumpster! (plus other updates).

I *thought* I had a half finished blog post draft saved, but when I went to find it, it was gone.

It’s been SO BUSY around here that I have had barely enough time to think, much less write.

I am NOT going to post more pics of the back room til I get more decorating done- most people are shocked currently by the incredibly orange walls LOL! It has to be entirely finished to understand… I am doing a hippie dippy music theme melange in there. I feng shui’d the CRAP outta that room, to boot.

Here is a rundown of what happened:

~Finished the back room drywalling and painted the walls/ceiling.
~Added an area rug that the neighbors didn’t want anymore
~Moved the sofa bed from the front porch(!!) to the back room
~Assembled and set up the desk
~They took away the dumpster(and I miss it already)

We still have to:

~Finish decorating back room
~Move the rest of our clothes from the back room closet to the master bedroom walk in closet
~Get all of Sam’s crap that’s piled to the ceiling out of the dining room
~Hang the Ikea Kirp shelves for his video games and books
~Wait for the art to arrive from Thailand

What else I did (mostly purchases for back room):

~Ordered curtain panels from India

ordered 4 panels of these ganesha elephant curtains

ordered 4 panels of these ganesha elephant curtains

~Ordered white wooden plantation blinds for the windows

plantation blinds

plantation blinds

~Ordered some awesome throw pillows for the sofa

I admit, I ordered this one because it appealed more to me than it would to my son

I admit, I ordered this one because it appealed more to me than it would to my son

this album isn't his fave, but I love the quirky cover art

this album isn’t his fave, but I love the quirky cover art

The dumpster was taken away last Friday… I must admit, I am really sad to see it go.


View from my porch… it was almost TOO full by the time they came to get it

bye bye dumpster...

bye bye dumpster…

We will probably be renting another one in a month when we start the downstairs bathroom renovations. This thing was almost TOO full by the time they took it back. R and the rest of the guys spent the last day filling it with refuse and junk from the basement and garage. They didn’t even bother telling me what they were tossing out- I told them not to.

Sam leaves tomorrow for the Pax Prime convention in Seattle and will be gone for a week. My dad has cataract surgery tomorrow morning and will be spending the night here because it’s closer to his doctor’s. Connor and Maisie’s birthdays (and my dad’s) are coming up in the next 2 weeks- and school starts on the 8th!

I have to devote my time to finding birthday presents, planning parties, getting back-to-school supplies, AND CLEANING THIS F*CKING HOUSE UP! I am toying with the idea of hiring some of the cleaning out at this point.

2 of our Dyson vacuum cleaners decided to die within a week of each other. The last one started going out 2 days ago. This is not good when you have 3 giant, perpetually shedding Newfoundland dogs.

Also, last but not least, Maisie is finally starting to walk!


Dumpster Diaries: Today in Pictures (and Captions)

Today I had to change my sheets and clean the bedroom- but this sleeping princess prevented it for a bit

Today I had to change my sheets and clean the bedroom- but this sleeping princess prevented it for a bit


overflow keeps going back and forth between the two rooms- frustrating!


forgot that this rug was underneath the white furry thing. Sent the white faux fur outside with C to beat on the line with the carpet beater-


have to change/wash bedding and clean this room- quietly- while she is asleep


Maisie wakes up


stuffing a silk duvet into a heavy cotton duvet cover is not fun.


Maisie checks out the clean(er) bedroom, new bedding, and the rug.


my little helper ‘sweeping’


she was very serious about her job. When I took the broom away, she screamed bloody murder.


I think she will be getting a toy broom soon. She’s dangerous with a real one.


My 11 Month Old Is A Twerking, Whip/Nae Nae Dancing Fool…

Let me preface this by saying I don’t twerk, nor do I Whip/Nae Nae…

Maisie saw the song “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” after my friend told me to show it to her and started dancing to it:

She’s also ADDICTED to the Baby First TV show “The Dance Time Boys”

LAST NIGHT she was watching the Dance Time Boys and started TWERKING.

I am in SO much trouble with this one!


Breakfast Time with Daddy and Maisie

She’s so cute here. I love this baby sooo much!