While buying an Armani foundation at Sephora will set you back $62, and a Tom Ford fragrance another $140, the beauty retailer is now offering up its goods for a tantalizingly low price — $10 a month. Yep, Sephora is getting into the subscription box business.

The service, called “Play! by Sephora” — which, with its name and red, black and white branding, is somewhat reminiscent of Comme des Garçons Play — launches in limited distribution this September before rolling out nationwide in 2016. The deal is this: five “deluxe-size” prestige products a month curated around a theme like essentials or dewy skin, delivered to customers’ doors, often with bonus sample-size items and Spotify playlists. Which, sure.

At $10 for five products a month, Sephora has positioned itself right up against Birchbox, which offers the same. (Glossybox, another competitor, is priced at $21 a month.) But while Birchbox has risen to preeminence in the beauty subscription space in a mere five years, picking up $71.9 million in funding as it dove into brick-and-mortar and launched a men’s version, Sephora has the immediate advantage of, well, being Sephora. With 1,900 locations globally and a robust rewards program for its loyal customers, the retailer shouldn’t have too much trouble getting traction on this program.

This isn’t to say Sephora’s going to put Birchbox or any of the other startups in this space out of business, necessarily. At $10 a month for each subscription, beauty junkies very well might go for more than one.


Beauty Haul Preview: W7 IN THE NUDE & IN THE BUFF: LIGHTLY TOASTED plus almost EVERY NYX Eye Brow Product-

unnamed (55)

bought these for 7 bucks each on eBay- they arrived 3 days ago from the UK.

unnamed (56)

I did a quickie swatch thing on my arm and will say right now that without water or a primer, there will be issues with the lighter colors not showing up

unnamed (57)

the packaging was nice, I loved the little tins. Lighter colors are not as pigmented as I would like.

unnamed (54)

5 different NYX eyebrow products that I will be trying and reviewing soon

I will review these the next time I am able to wear makeup. Hoping the brow stuff works (at least ONE of them…)

I bought the NYX brow things in one fell swoop at Target the day that I did my failed Wet n Wild brow review.

W7 is a popular drugstore brand from the UK. Their nude eye shadow palettes have been making news on the interwebs as great dupes for Urban Decay’s Naked eyeshadow palette.

The W7 palettes require an eye shadow primer or water for the lighter colors. When I did a quick swatch test on my arm, they barely showed up.


Confessions of a Makeup Hoarder: My Upstairs Bathroom Makeup and Perfume Haul!

This was what I found in my upstairs bathroom.  I usually only keep 'emergency' makeup here

This was what I found in my upstairs bathroom. I usually only keep ’emergency’ makeup here

Like I promised in my original blog post, I am going to start whittling down my GINORMOUS makeup collection.

My makeup purge-a-thon started with a cleaning of my upstairs bathroom. I rarely use this bath and keep just a minimal (for me) amount of ’emergency makeup’ there. I also have things I had forgotten about stashed in that room and my bedroom, too.

a peek into my upstairs bathroom

a peek into my upstairs bathroom

While I was at it, I decided to clean my bedroom as well. Until this week I had not slept there for about a year and a half-ish. I was on bedrest during my pregnancy, then recovering from the c-section- so the sofa was where I lived.

The makeup purge of my ‘small emergency stash’ in the bathroom turned up:

-5 different eyeshadow palettes
-37 lipsticks/lip glosses
-a dozen or more eye liners
-8 different mascaras
-A BRAND NEW IN BOX Bimatoprost (Latisse) eyelash growth medicine!

omg!  this stuff is SO pricey!  I can't believe I lost a brand new box of it!

omg! this stuff is SO pricey! I can’t believe I lost a brand new box of it!

-BRAND NEW Michael Kors perfume (xmas gift)
-Urban Decay Honey body powder- also BRAND NEW
-2 tweezerman tweezers
-7 different makeup pencil sharpeners
-4 eyebrow pencil/gel thingies
-Hard Candy blush
-assorted expired eye and face creams
-3 concealers
-MAC pigments
-a ton of makeup brushes (foundation, eyeliner, shadow, blenders, lip brushes)

I am very proud of myself- I was able to throw away all but 2 of the eyeshadow palettes (brand new Stila and an Urban Decay palette I thought I lost), the blush, most concealers, 80 percent of the brushes, all the mascara, eye creams, etc.

my garbage bag:  PROOF that I tossed stuff away

my garbage bag: PROOF that I tossed stuff away

BRAND NEW (from Xmas) Stila eyeshadow palette and other things

BRAND NEW (from Xmas 2013)”Bring Out Your Glam” Stila eyeshadow palette and other things

I was still left with a pretty impressive haul, including an amazing assortment of 15 lipsticks and glosses that I forgot I had. I had 2 of a particular color, which is a testimony to my sick hoarding habits.

the 'keepers'- lip products

the ‘keepers’- lip products




WHY do I have 2 in the same exact color?!?!?

WHY do I have 2 in the same exact color?!?!?


the one on right is a MAC that I’d been searching for

Yeah… keep in mind, this is my SMALL stash. I’m really worried about what I will find when I clean out the downstairs bathroom.

Urban Decay Honey (lickable) body powder- was still new in it's packaging!

Urban Decay Honey (lickable) body powder- was still new in it’s packaging!

A brand new (was still in package, too) Michael Kors perfume- my fave

A brand new (was still in package, too) Michael Kors perfume- my fave

My makeup addiction is out of control. I have to also say that I am very pleased that I did this purge. It was getting ridiculous. I don’t even wear makeup much anymore since this baby was born.

Well, at least the bathroom and my bedroom got a cleaning while I was at it…

my newly tidied bedroom

my newly tidied bedroom

my little cleaning/purging helper

my little cleaning/purging helper