Dumpster Diaries: Decluttering When I Can’t Do Anything Else- More Kitchen Progress!nom

I am feeling very accomplished now- even if it’s only a little bit at a time

As I wrote in my earlier post, I’ve been purging thanks to my Facebook friend Marilyn, who introduced me to Flylady.net this month.I am still gaga over the microfiber cloths that I bought on Amazon!

on the ‘flight plan’ today from flylady.net was the fridge- this thing is SOOO clean now, thanks to those microfiber cloths!

On the ‘flight plan’ was the refrigerator. I pared down all the ‘art’, school stuff, old reminders, magnets and threw away the bread and crap that R always puts up there to keep safe from the Newfs (if you put loaves on bread on the counter, they WILL eat it- ugh). I normally use stainless steel appliance spray to clean and shine the thing, but a wet microfiber cloth did the trick-followed by a shine with a dry one!

In the midst of the cleaning frenzy, I spied my cousin outside the house on his motorcycle, so I went out there to meet him… he wasn’t there, but I found a banana and small apple near the door. He’s my #1 prime suspect for gnome bestower. He won’t even admit to leaving the fruit! Maisie enjoyed the banana, but she threw the apple over the side of the porch rail…

Prime suspect for gnome leaver is my cousin… I saw him on his motorcycle through the window- and when I went outside, I found a banana by my door. Maisie enjoyed it.

I continued to work in the kitchen while he was tracing the electrical from the room to the breaker box yesterday.

BEFORE pic of the gross microwave area in my kitchen

The cloths worked like magic on my electric kettle and coffee maker!

After pic of kettle

this is the best my coffee maker has looked since I bought it!

I tackled the disgusting microwave and the surrounding counter. I almost didn’t do this. SO yucky! I had 27 things to throw away (well, I have to do this daily), so I opted to throw tea boxes and old bread.

getting rid of the boxes of tea and putting them all in one wicker box

I have seen this done in restaurants

I HOPE I remember that the tea is in here!

Moving the microwave completely grossed me out! I am so angry with myself for letting this go as long as I did.

I was in shock when I moved the microwave. Just disgusting!

underneath *shudder*

AFTER!!! Now I hope it STAYS like this.

After I finished the microwave area, R informed me that the electricity in the house was being turned off, so Maisie and I retired to the front porch. She found my mother’s magazines on the couch and started to tear them to pieces read them. C decided to mow the lawn and take the trash out while our house was dark, too, which was fantastic of him!

It was a very productive day yesterday and I am looking forward to doing the taping/mudding/spackling of the back room today!


Dumpster Diaries: Purging Other Rooms with the Help of Flylady.Net and THE MIRACLE OF MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTHS!

Since I my hands are tied 4 days a week from working on the 2 rooms we’re supposed to focus on (R works 14 hours most days), I am focusing on other rooms and clutter… particularly, the kitchen.


flylady.net is a fantastic website devoted to teaching folks how to keep their homes clean

A friend introduced me to this fantastic site, Flylady.net, which is devoted to teaching people how to manage their chaos and keep their houses clean. It’s been an invaluable tool thus far for me… even though I am still a FlyBaby and haven’t read everything yet.

The first thing they want you to do every morning and before bed is to make sure the sink is empty and shining- totally dried off. I’ve been doing this all week, which is a big deal because I DETEST doing dishes. I removed the dish drainer from the counter permanently and now have the dishes going straight into the dishwasher… and put up promptly when they’re done. I’ve been slowly cleaning off my counter tops and throwing away 27 things every day.

this is the emptiest and tidiest my counters have been since the baby was born

this is the emptiest and tidiest my counters have been since the baby was born

It’s a start and I am pretty proud of myself.

They also advocate doing laundry daily (done) and the use of microfiber cloths for cleaning. I had never used them prior to this and am so impressed with how much I can now clean WITHOUT the use of cleaning products. Amazon had a deal for 48 cloths for $22.99, which I snapped up.

I had given up keeping my stainless range clean of oil splatters. In the past I’ve purchased every cleaner known to man and even scratched the hell out of it with scrub pads to no avail. When I read that I could pretty much get it looking nearly-new with just WATER AND 2 MICROFIBER CLOTHS, I snapped them up and went to work.


Left side, not done. Right side, cleaned with just a wet (with water) microfiber and a dry one to shine it

Holy CRAP- it works! I am still in shock!


example of persistent grease splatters and scratches from my earlier scrubbing endeavors


water and microfiber won’t remove my scratches (I don’t think), but it DID remove the oily spots! I’m a convert!

These cloths have already cleaned a majority of my kitchen without resorting to using nasty chemicals- just plain ole water! If I have a tougher job, I will use white vinegar or Dawn dish soap- and it’s worked! I’ve also cut down on my paper towel usage by using these things, too.

I have to confess that I *do* love the smell of bleach in a clean house, but haven’t used bleach with these microfiber cloths and won’t.

Tomorrow I will be doing the fridge, throwing more items away, and starting on our counter top that houses the microwave and coffee maker.

The main theme of the Flylady site is that it didn’t get messy overnight, so don’t try to clean it all at once- which is a terrific reminder! I set the timer on my phone in 5 min increments and devote only that amount of time to any particular spot in the ‘zone’ I am working in. My house may still be a chaotic hell hole, but it’s coming together at a steady pace now!