My skin after initial 6 day water fast looks INCREDIBLE!

NOT bad for almost 50 years old, huh?

I noticed that my skin responded really well to this. I am super stoked about it!


Clogged Pores And How To Keep Them Clean!!!

Great post that I am reblogging because it is something I want to save where I can find it!



Being an aesthetic physician i am often asked by my patients, “doc how can i keep my pores clean and why do i get blackheads so frequently”. Its a very common problem of our skin, so today i am going tell u people all about clogged pores.

What causes clogged pores?

Underneath our skin are glands called sebaceous glands. The oil excreted by the sebaceous glands, called sebum, acts like a glue or thick substance to cling to dead skin cells. The skin cells are then excreted from the body through the pores to help you maintain healthy skin. Sometimes, as the glands expel these dead skin cells, it  gets build-up and your pores will get clog. The result is an infection called a pimple or blackhead.

blackhead and whitehead

How To Keep Pores Clean?

1- Use pore clearing cleanser that contains BHA or salicylic acid-  BHA is a keratolytic and it has ability to…

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