Day 1 DDP Yoga- OMFG


I started DDP Yoga today (actually, been doing the Diamond Dozen ‘how to’ vid for a week prior) and it KICKED.MY.ASS.

I have a bad back and am in need of getting stronger.

Here is an inspirational video by a handicapped veteran who lost over 100 lbs and learned to walk again using this program:

I am not as bad as this poor man and need to lose only about 30 lbs.- if he can do this, I have no bloody excuse why I can’t.

I did the Energy workout, which is basically the entry level workout. It’s only about 24 minutes long- I only got through 1/2 of it and my ABS ARE BURNING, 2 hours later!

This program is amazing! It’s like a combo of yoga, isometrics, and pranic breathing- but without the New Age B.S.

Definitely NOT your mama’s yoga.

I will be updating as I can… my kid’s at the age now where getting on the laptop is a rarity.


GOTTA DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS BAD BACK: Buti Yoga *IS* Happening Starting Today

largerI have to do something about this bad back of mine asap- which means starting to work out again. Buti Yoga appeals to me. I had a 30 day membership after Maisie was born, but I was still unable to really do it due to my c-section and health at the time… but I think now I can begin.

They have a ton of free workouts on YouTube right now, which I will use first before I restart my membership with the site.

I still have 30 lbs of baby blubber to lose…


5 Quick & Easy Exercises for the Mom on the Run

great tips that I need to follow…

Cher, bébé

It’s no secret that carrying a child does a number on your body. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with having our old body back after the bundle of joy makes that grand entrance. Most of us have to accept the #mombod. For me, I gained a ton of weight….More weight than I am comfortable with to be honest. I lost more than half within the first couple of weeks after delivery, but I had a good bit left before I could get back to pre-baby weight.

For the first few months after the little arrives, life is well…. chaotic to put it nicely- diapers, bottles, sleepless nights, cranky babies- all of it can frazzle you to no end. But, all the craziness does come to an end and eventually you do start to think about yourself and YOUR wants once again.

I became a single mom when my…

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